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Very few nosebleeds last longer than 10-15 minutes if they are correctly managed. Although they look very dramatic they are rarely harmful and very few need to be seen by the doctor.

To stop the bleeding...

Sit up leaning forwards to stop the blood running down the back of your throat. Breathe through your moth. Pinch your nose halfway up just below wear the bone stops and the cartilage (the gristly bit) starts. Keep on pinching for at least 5 minutes after the bleeding has stopped. Resist the temptation to stop pinching early or to rub the inside of the nose.

When to see your doctor...

Patients taking warfarin, or other blood thinning tablets, and those with any blood clotting disorders should contact their doctor if they have any bleeding. If the bleeding continues for more than thirty minutes, contact your doctor for advice. If you have more than three nosebleeds in a week, arrange a visit to your doctor.