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Sprains & Bruises

Treating sprained ankles or other minor bruises is easy if you remember one word: RICE.

Rice stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation

Rest - Using the injured limb will make it hurt more, so rest it.
Ice - Relieve the pain and reduce swelling by cooling the injured area for ten minutes, using a cold wet flannel or an ice pack. A bag of frozen peas is ideal for this!
Compression - Apply a comfortable supporting bandage, sports supports are ideal
Elevation - Keep the injured part raised to ease the pain and swelling.

Is it Broken....

Sprains are often very painful and can be difficult to know if a bone is broken. If there is any obvious deformity, very severe pain or very severe bruising consult your doctor or the local casualty department. An X-Ray might be needed. If you can walk on your injured leg it is unlikely to be broken. Consult your doctor if it is not improving in two to three days.