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In adults vomiting like diarrhoea can be caused by contaminated food or drinking too much. Sometimes diarrhoea or vomiting occur together. Children often vomit when they have an infection such as tonsillitis or an ear infection. Like diarrhoea, vomiting usually gets better within 48 hours and can often be treated at home.

Do not eat, or eat only very small amounts of plain food for 24-48 hours.
Drink plenty of clear fluids - small sips taken at frequent intervals are more likely to stay down then a full glass taken at once.

When to see your doctor...

Babies and toddlers who are vomiting frequently, or who will not drink should be taken to a doctor. A useful indicator the whether your toddler is drinking enough is the number of wet nappies you are changing.

Diabetics should make sure they know how to make sure that their diabetes is safely controlled when they are ill. They should contact their doctor if they suffer from vomiting.

The elderly whom suffer episodes of vomiting may need special care and should contact their doctor. Vomiting which is accompanied by severe stomach pain or by other symptoms such as pain on passing water may need investigation by the doctor. Vomiting more lasting more than 48 hours should also be investigated by the doctor.