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NHS Services

Child Health
Your childs health is very important to us. Please book a telephone appointment if you would like some advice.  Dr Hodgins provides 6-8 week baby checks. Meanwhile, you can book an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner for "minor" illnesses.

Childhood Immunisations
It is important that your child is properly immunised. We offer a comprehensive immunisation programme via our Practice Nurse. You will automatically be informed when your child is due for an injection.

Health Promotion
We support patients to have a healthy lifestyle and our nursing staff are fully trained to understand the difficulties patients face and supporting them to make changes to their lifestyle. This includes advice on healthy eating, weight management and lifestyle advice.

Health Visitor Services
Our Health Visitor is based at the practice and works with all our staff to help prevent illness and prmote good health in children. She provides a service for children aged 0-5 years and their parents.

The Health Visitor runs a drop in clinic on Mondays 2.30-4.00pm for child health promotion and advice. Appointments can be made with the health visiting team. Please contact reception to make an appointment.

Long Term Conditions
We take an active approach towards the management of long term conditions including asthma, diabetes, coronary heart disease and COPD. Much of the management and monitoring is carried out by our practice nurses under the supervision of the doctors. For further information and advice, please speak to a practice nurse.

Our Midwife is part of the Moorland Midwifery team who care for our patients during their pregnancies and immediately after birth. Antenatal clinics are held at the medical centre on a Thursday afternoon, appointments can be booked via reception. Parent craft classes are held at a vareity of locations.

To contact a midwife (non urgent) please phone 01626 834741, or in an emergency call the labour ward on 01803 654631 or 01803 654641.

Minor Illness
Minor illnesses include coughs, colds, sore throats, ear infections, skin problems and breathing problems. Clinics are run most afternoons by a nurse practitioner who can also prescribe. The nurse practitioner is supported by a doctor.

When booking an appointment please ask the reception staff if you can have an appointment for the minor illness clinics. All appointments are book on the day.

Minor Surgery
Many lumps and bumps can be dealt with under a local anaesthetic. Dr Towers runs a minor surgery clinic most Wednesdays for which you can book an appointment via reception.

Nursing Services
We provide a range of nursing services including the taking of blood, urine tests, dressings and wound management, ear irrigation, ECGs and injections.

When attending your appointment please include your name, date of birth and NHS number on any samples bought in for testing. Results may be collected from the medical centre after 2.00pm.

Smoking Cessation
We support patients to stop smoking. Our nusring staff are fully trained to help people stop smoking. This includes advice and support and the prescribing of nicotine replacement therapies where appropriate.

Speech Therapy
We have a speech therapist based at the practice who works with children and adults with speech difficulties. Referrals are made via a doctor.

Womens Health
We provide a range of family planning and womens health services. These include:

Contraception - Including the pill, hormone injection, contraceptive diaphragm, contraceptive implant and intra-uterine contraceptive device (the "coil"). Initial prescribing of these is done by a doctor but repeat prescriptions and some fittings can be done by a practice nurse. In some cases 2 appointments may be required.

Morning after pill - This is available from a doctor. You should contact your doctor as soon as possible, within 72 hours of sexual intercourse.

Cervical smears - A cancer smear of the cervix is undertaken by our practice nurse. You will be informed when you are due.

Hormone replacement therapy and pregnancy advice and support which are available from your doctor.